Welcome to my website

Hello, I am Norman L Coleman II, I prefer to be called Norm and usually go by Norm Coleman in less formal situations.

This website is all about me and was really intended for perspective employers to come and learn about a prospective new employee. For now, I suppose it will stay that way but I think it now that I have it up, it will evolve into something more.

To the employer or Human Resources representative who visits this page, Welcome, Feel free to look around and if you should be interested in my employment or have any questions, Please feel free to Contact me at anytime.


This site is under Construction. Please Check back as I will be working on this each evening until I can have it completed.

Norm's Graduation 05/05/2012.

Mott Community College Commencement ceremonies were held at 2 PM on Saturday 05/05/2012 at Peroni Arena and I was there to celebrate two years of hard work, dedication and determination to not only achieve getting an Associates of Applied Science in my Major of "Computer Network Engineering", but by plugging in other courses along the way, picked up four more Degrees, Four Certificate and three certifications